Canon Contrast – Student Guided Photography

Canon Contrast

Taken with my Monday Photography class at the Saratoga Battlefield Monument site. The most challenging part of the trip was continuing to lecture as I demonstrated proper technique. But the smile on a student’s face is worth the effort. :)

Exposure data: ISO 100, f/3.5, 1/800

Shots in Challenging Light – Family Fun Day 2015


This past Sunday, I was asked to cover a community event for families in Queensbury, NY. This event usually has live music, games, food, bounce houses and a special speaker. My assistant JoDee and I tag teamed the event to get some choice shots.

Unfortunately, the light was challenging: clear sky with overhead sun for many of the shots! So I decided to improvise, purposely overexposing certain shots and artificially enhancing the contrast. Many of the shots looked more artsy than you’d expect for event photography, but the client was happy. For that matter, so was I. :)

Shots taken with EOS 7D, 150-500mm zoom.

IMG_7733IMG_7743 IMG_7708 IMG_7663 IMG_7641

The Wasteland – An Exception to the Rule


A composite of statue and background. I decided to deliberately blur this image as it seemed artistically appropriate. Just proves that maybe not every photo needs to be “tack sharp.” Enjoy. :)

Exposure Data: ISO 200, f/5, 1/320

Toadstool Dream – What am I Looking At?

Mushroom Dream

I’ve never done drugs. Honest!

I chuckle as I remember my wife’s words (shown in the title) as I showed her this shot. It started with two tiny mushrooms I found growing along the sidewalk. Then I grabbed some brown mulch and a slab of gray slate. A little natural side light and a liberal application of one of the Topaz Adjust Solarize filters and it turned psychedelic!

A just-for-fun freebie that was amusing to produce.


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